Adverbial Etudes by Tim Jackson HARD COPY (F Tuba (bass clef), C Tuba (bass clef) and B♭ Tuba (bass clef)



Adverbial Etudes
Composed by Tim Jackson
TJ-AE-FCB: Edition for F Tuba (bass clef), C Tuba (bass clef) and B-flat Tuba (bass clef)

“Adverbial Etudes is a welcome addition to the tuba repertoire in several ways:

Firstly, the book works progressively through the technical demands of the tuba in a very approachable manner. Each study takes a different adverb for its title, with additional text to help the student tackle the piece.

Secondly, the same music is available for all types of tuba. Across the world, teaching traditions dictate the tuba on which a student may  begin learning. With this study book, at long last, that variety is catered for. Whichever tuba a student is learning, the key signatures of the studies (and, therefore, the fingering patterns required) remain progressive throughout the book, starting at an elementary level and growing in difficulty at exactly the same rate.

Finally, the tuba study repertoire has, perhaps, become a little staid over the last twenty years or so. This book brings fresh ideas and a wide variety of styles, and is a huge bonus for anyone starting out on the adventurous path of becoming a musician.”  David Gordon Shute (Tuba – Onyx Brass)

Please note that the published ABRSM Syllabus descriptions of the two books are inaccurate. The correct details are:
TJ-AE-TCE: Edition for E-flat Tuba (bass clef) and Brass Band (treble clef) Tubas
TJ-AE-FCB: Edition for F Tuba (bass clef), C Tuba (bass clef) and B-flat Tuba (bass clef)

This piece is a physical copy of the score and parts.

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