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Two Jackson Pieces Published Ready for PJIBEC

Over the years, our Composer-in-Association Timothy Jackson has contributed greatly to the repertoire of Onyx Brass and by association the wider brass quintet diaspora with a myriad of compositions, transcriptions and arrangements. However, we are so proud that his two most seminal works, Two Haiku and Seventeen Variations on a Theme by John Dowland, are now available for download here at Onyx Brass Publishing.

Featured on the recordings Trisagion and Fantasias, Pavans and Variations respectively, they explore the advanced technique of the individual brass player and combined ensemble.

Also as they have been chosen for use in the Philip Jones International Brass Ensemble Competition, we hope they will now receive the wider audience they deserve.

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Gershwin Novelette arrives at OBP

From 13th September we are pleased to offer a beautifully crafted arrangement of one of George Gershwin’s piano preludes, Novelette in Fourths. Taken from his wider series of preludes, Tim Jackson’s arrangement loses none of the charm and poise of this “cake walk” that Gershwin wrote in 1919.

Initially available in download form, this is the first of a number of new pieces that will be hitting the virtual shelves of OBP this Autumn! Follow us on social media to keep track of when things are available.

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First and Best!

James Maynard
Tim Jackson

For the final week in February, our featured music has the distinction of being the first two quintet pieces we every listed on OBP and also coincidently happen to be our best selling from our whole catalogue. Written by good friends of Onyx Brass, both compositions also are regular features in the concerts that Onyx perform.

James Maynard’s Fanfare is a great number to kick of any recital and takes inspiration from the world-renowned film composer, John Williams, who James regularly performs music by either in the recording studio or concert platform. Included on Onyx Brass’ first ever recording, Trisagion, Fanfare is guaranteed to engage any audience right from the outset.

Tim Jackson’s Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, takes inspiration from two composers a little further back and the piece is a must for any lovers of Vaughan Williams’ piece of the same title. While similar in style, Tim subtitles it “with apologies to RVW”, and the music itself uses the same Tallis hymn tune but sees Tim develop the variations in his own way instead of copying or just arranging Vaughan Williams music.