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It’s Flugelhorn Time

A Song of Guadalupe – Torbjörn Hultmark, Onyx Brass

For our two featured pieces this week, we have decided to show some music that uses the flugelhorn. The use of this mellow instrument is optional in both pieces however it will definitely add a new dimension to your concert. Why bring the horn along for just one piece when you could use it for two!

First, and featured in the YouTube video is Torbjörn Hultmark’s A Song of Guadalupe. A long time friend of the group, Torbjörn’s composition is a melancholic number based around Latin American harmonies and rhythm and is primarily a solo number that features the first trumpet or flugelhorn.

Second, is another Tim Jackson arrangement called Five Shakespeare Songs and is a suite of pieces composed around the time of the Bard for use during the performance of Romeo and Juliet. The second movement, Heart’s Ease, is the one of particular interest for the flugel and introduces a more contemporary tone into the renaissance sound world. Again optional, the last movement gives the trumpets a chance to pull another instrument out of the bag, this time the piccolo trumpet.