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The Mighty Pencil by Trish Clowes Available Soon

Following on from the imminent release of Gwilym Simcock’s Stomper, we are pleased to announce that the fourth piece from the popular recording, Onyx Noir, is to be made available exclusively here at Onyx Brass Publishing.

The Mighty Pencil by Trish Clowes forms one of the twelve works that Onyx Brass recorded on their critically acclaimed jazz inspiration disc, with Trish as instrumentalist and composer being described by the Guardian as “one of the most agile and original jugglers of improv and adventurous composition to have appeared in the UK in recent times” The Mighty Pencil does exactly that with a delightful fusion of classical and jazz harmony alongside chances to bring elements of Improvisation into the music.

The piece opens with the instruction “Have Fun” though while composing The Mighty Pencil, the shooting at the Paris offices of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, occurred with the piece taking a darker, more protest like character toward it’s conclusion.

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Gwilym Simcock’s Stomper Landing Soon

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing Gwilym Simcock’s Stomper for brass quintet for purchase exclusively here on OBP, in what will be one of our largest single pieces to date. Taken from the critically acclaimed recording of Onyx Noir, Stomper will be available to download or via special order for hard copy.

Based on the original jazz form of a Stomp, which has its routes in the early 1920’s in Jelly Roll Morton’s King Porter Stomp, it uses a specific eight bar chord progression from this piece and other examples of this form are Benny Goodman’s Slipped Disc and Duke Ellington’s Bojangles.

Gwilym Simcock, the Welsh pianist and composer who has been variously described as “exceptional”, “dazzling” and “brilliant”, has written a piece that is brimming with unbridled energy from beginning to end. Stomper is a challenge for all ensembles to tackle but will reward players and audiences alike with its infectious rhythms and melodies.

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Introducing Dave Powell

This week our spotlight falls onto two pieces that have been arranged for us by tuba player, organist, composer, and good friend of the group, Dave Powell. A former member of the ground-breaking jazz band/collective Loose Tubes, Dave has also composed for Onyx Brass, most notably the large scale Symbols at your Door that is on the recording, Onyx Noir.

For his two arrangements though we fall back to more traditional styles and draw on his experience as a keyboard player.

First, is the ebullient transcription of William Byrd’s set of variations on Sellinger’s Round. Originally included in the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Dave Transcription is a perfect piece to explore counterpoint for all intermediate or advanced quintets.

Second, is the sublime and ultimately uplifting chorale prelude by JS Bach, Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland. In what is an exercise in holding back the full glory of this piece until the very end, Nun komm has become one of our most popular works to perform. This arrangement uses each instrument perfectly to enhance the whole and when we presented our 25th Birthday Concert, this piece was chosen by three out of five us as our individual favourite to perform!

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Inevitable Outcome soon to be released

“…the finest young jazz musician this country has produced.”

Stuart Nicholson, Jazz: The Modern Resurgence

Soon to be released from our most recent recording, Onyx Noir, is the music to Jason Rebello’s Inevitable Outcome. In the few years since it was written, it has become already one of our most popular pieces, and we’re sure all groups will enjoy rehearsing and performing Jason’s original blend of styles.

Have a listen!

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